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P1 Autocare Screenwash Pod

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£4.99 - £9.99
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Just drop one Screenwash Pod into washer fluid reservoir and add up to 5 litres of water.
UK motorists annually consume around 100 million plastic bottles of screenwash, that’s nearly two million plastic bottles per week and an astonishing 285,000 per day. These eventually end up in a landfill and are incinerated or make their way into seas and oceans. Switch from the traditional bottles to the Screenwash Pods, because it matters.
  • 1 active pod creates 5L screen wash
  • Suitable for up to -5 degrees
  • Eliminates plastic waste
  • Blue raspberry fragrance
  • Dissolves easily
  • Smear-free
  • 1 active pod – 5
  • 3 active pods -15L
  • 6 active pods 30L
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