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Wahoo Kickr Indoor Smart Bike 2020
Wahoo Kickr Indoor Smart Bike 2020Wahoo Kickr Indoor Smart Bike 2020Wahoo Kickr Indoor Smart Bike 2020Wahoo Kickr Indoor Smart Bike 2020Wahoo Kickr Indoor Smart Bike 2020

Wahoo Kickr Indoor Smart Bike 2020

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The Kickr Bike combines numerous indoor training innovations into a training machine. Meet your complete indoor training solution. Available with UK or EU Plug

KICKR BIKE offers unprecedented innovations, such as integrated grade changes, customisable gearing, and simulated shifting to create the most powerful, personalised, and realistic indoor training experience.

Using KICKR’s legendary flywheel technology, the KICKR BIKE creates unparalleled responsiveness and power accuracy of +/- 1%. Real-time grade changes will match ascents of up to 20% and descents of -15% while allowing you to maintain speed and truly replicate the sensation of riding outdoors. Its robust steel and aluminium construction will withstand the hardest rides, even if your legs don’t.

The Wahoo Fitness app will guide you through an easy set-up of the five points of adjustability on the KICKR BIKE. Choose from either using professional bike fit measurements, taking a photo to measure your bike, or entering body measurements to personalise the fit to the exact geometry of your outdoor bike. The KICKR BIKE can also be customised with your own handlebars, pedals, and saddle.

The virtual shifting technology of the KICKR BIKE is programmable to match the exact gear ratios, number of speeds, cassette tooth count, and group set from the leading manufacturers - SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo. A digital display clearly communicates both gearing and grade so you always know where you are during every stage of the ride.

KICKR BIKE seamlessly integrates with other Wahoo products and easily pairs to your ELEMNT GPS bike computer, smartphone, tablet, or PC. As with all Wahoo smart trainers, KICKR BIKE is compatible with the most popular training apps, such as The Sufferfest, Zwift, TrainerRoad and more. KICKR BIKE is not only a smart bike.

Optimised Flywheel Technology

KICKR BIKE has a unique combination of a 13lb flywheel and enhanced motor that offer unrivaled accuracy, responsiveness, and realism while training indoors.

Virtually Silent Operation

The balanced, belt driven motor on KICKR BIKE combines years of engineering knowledge to create a virtually silent riding experience.

Controlled Resistance

When connected to your smartphone, tablet or computer, KICKR BIKE automatically sets your resistance via your favourite app or software

Realistic Ride Feel

The KICKR BIKE flywheel and enhanced motor is an innovative technology that emulates the power and inertia experienced during outdoor riding. It provides the most realistic ride feel especially when using virtual riding/training platforms like Zwift, The Sufferfest, and TrainerRoad.

Real-Time Physical Grade Changes

The KICKR BIKE simulates grade changes in real-time by providing changes in resistance, and physically raising and lowering the bike to match ascents up to 20% and decents as steep as -15%.

+/-1% Power Accuracy

Proven power accuracy that provides the most accurate power measurement of +/- 1% and generates up to 2200W of resistance.

Calibration Free

KICKR BIKE continuously offers accurate power and doesn't require a calibration procedure.

Easy App Set-Up

The simple and intuitive Wahoo Fitness app offers guided instructions on how to set-up the KICKR BIKE and personalise the fit to mirror the geometry of your outdoor bike using 3 options - professional fit, measure my bike, and measure my body.

5 Points of Adjustable Fit

Adjust the fit of the KICKR BIKE with easy access quick-release levers across 5 points - stack, reach, setback, saddle height, and frame height.

Adjustable Crank Arm

KICKR BIKE supports 165, 167.5, 170, 172.5 and 175mm crank lengths

Programmable Virtual Shifting

Customise the KICKR BIKE shifting controls to match shifters from the leading manufacturers - SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo

Programmable Gearing

Replicate your outdoor bike down to the exact gearing configuration by selecting the number of speeds and cassette tooth count.

Virtual Braking

A combined electromagnetic flywheel and motor allow for quick braking to create a precise feel while shifting and while riding downhill.

Customisable Kit

Customise the KICKR BIKE with your favourite saddle, bars, and pedals to dial in the perfect setup.

ANT+, ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth Connectivity

ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities allow it to connect to both smartphones and GPS devices simultaneously or separately. An ANT+ FE-C connection allows the KICKR BIKE to be controlled from any FE-C enabled device or application.

Multiple Simultaneous Bluetooth Connections

KICKR BIKE supports up to three simultaneous Bluetooth connections for a trouble-tree start to your workout

Manual Control of Grade Changes

The control unit on the KICKR BIKE contains an lock/unlock button, which allows you to turn on and off the physical tilt control of an app while still allowing the app to control the resistence.

Digital LED Display

LED display indicates gear selection and grade percentage, so you can get information with just a quick glance during your ride.

Professional Grade Durability

Robust aluminium and steel construction ensures the KICKR BIKE will withstand years of heavy abuse.

Measures Speed, Distance, Power and Cadence

Get these vital cycling metrics on your indoor ride on the KICKR BIKE without connecting any extra sensors

Kickr Headwind Compatible

KICKR HEADWIND brings innovative climate control to your indoor training experience. Pair to your KICKR BIKE and as your speed or heart rate increases, so will the fan speed.

Elemnt Bike Computer Compatible

Connect the KICKR BIKE to any ELEMNT Bike Computer to relive rides or perform planned workouts.

Third Party App Compatibility

Works with popular training apps, including Zwift, The Sufferfest, and TrainerRoad.

Bonus Feature - Free Trials from Wahoo's Favourite App Partners

When you register your KICKR in the Wahoo Fitness app, you'll receive these awesome offers from our partners:

  • 30 Days FREE of Zwift for new members
  • 60 Days FREE of Strava Summit for new Strava members
  • 30 Days FREE of TrainerRoad for new users
  • 60 Days FREE of The Sufferfest Training Centre for new Sufferfest members
  • 10% off annual subscription of Fulgaz for new subscribers
  • 30 Days FREE of Rouvy for new premium subscribers

Footprint (Length x Width)

48 in x 30 in (121 cm x 76 cm)

Standover Height Range

37 in to 47 in (95 cm to 119 cm)

Maximum User Height

6 ft 4 in (192 cm)

Minimum User Height

5 ft (152 cm)

Crank Lengths

165mm, 167.5mm, 170mm, 172.5mm, 175mm


Wireless Technology

ANT+®, BLUETOOTH® Low Energy, and ANT+ FE-C

Device Control

iOS, Android, and PC (Mac and Windows)

Resistance Type

Electromagnetic and Enhanced Motor


+ / - 1%

Wireless Firmware Updates


3rd Party Power Meter Compatibility



Speed, Distance, Power, Cadence, Grade


Maximum Power Wattage

2200 W

Maximum Incline


Minimum Decline


Flywheel Weight

13 lbs plus enhanced motor

Total Weight

93 lbs // 42 kilograms

Electrical Connection

100-240v power cord


LED Indicator Lights

BLUETOOTH® Low Energy and ANT+®



ELEMNT GPS Bike Computer Compatible



Steel and Aluminum

Controlled Resistance


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