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Managing the school run safely

Now that schools across the nation are back, albeit with new Covid-19 restrictions and social distancing in place, the school run has once again become a regular part of many parents routines. 

This ordinarily innocuous task is now a far more difficult challenge than when we first entered lockdown back in March 2020, so how do you tackle car-sharing while still sticking to government guidelines? 

To help you execute a well-oiled operation on a morning, we’ve put together some essential information together on how to do your school run safely during the pandemic. 

Clean your car

Cleaning your hands and surfaces is an important step in preventing the risk and spread of Covid-19, whether that’s out in restaurants or the workplace, so it’s also important that your car is fully sanitised and safe too. 

It’s a good idea to make this as big a part of your school run routine as readying the child car seats and making sure you’ve packed their lunches; the sooner it becomes the norm the more used to it both you and your children will be. 

Standard cleaning products, antibacterial and disinfectant wipes work just fine for the likes of seats, seat belts and door handles, while you should keep hand sanitiser on board and encourage passengers to use it when entering and exiting the vehicle. 

What should I do when travelling with people from other households?

Though the government advise stipulates that you try and avoid travelling in a car with people from other households if possible, sometimes a car share to school is necessary.

In such instances, you should try to: 

  • Only travel in small groups of people
  • Car share with the same group of people each time
  • Avoid sitting face to face with other passengers
  • If possible, open windows for ventilation 
  • Try to maximise the distance between passengers as much as possible
  • Ensure that all passengers aged 11 years and over wear a face covering

School run top tips

As well as the rules, regulations and cleaning practices surrounding school runs, there are some top tips you can follow to make things both safer and easier for you and your little ones during the pandemic: 

  • Maintain a safe speed: Of course, you should always travel at safe speeds on any road, especially around schools. However, now more then ever when children have been away from school for so long, it’s important to take great care and pay attention around the roads for distracted or excitable children.
  • Park safely and away from the school: When dropping off or picking up your children from school, you should park sensibly and away from the school premises if possible. Not only will this make things easier for other parents and motorists, but it will also mean there’s no bottlenecking and crowding that goes against social distancing guidelines.
  • Try to combine your journeys: If you do have to travel out in the car to do a school run, it’s a good idea to consolidate your journeys and chores into one where possible. Not only is it better for your vehicle’s condition to undertake one long journey rather than several short ones, but it also means that you’re out and about for less time, coming into contact with fewer people. 

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