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Children’s bike seats: Which are best? Hamax Kiss vs Hamax Smiley

Since the 19th century, cycling has been an incredibly popular activity, that’s whether it’s enjoyed as a means of keeping fit, pursued as a sport or people are using their bicycle as a mode of transportation. Cycling is still incredibly popular to this day, in fact, more than one billion people worldwide use a bicycle regularly. 

One of the real joys of cycling is getting out and about, enjoying the great outdoors with your family and friends and promoting a healthy lifestyle – but what about those with little legs? If you’re out on a long country ride or you’re up against tricky inclines and declines, it doesn’t take long before kid’s legs get tired, no matter how much they love being on their bike. 

This is where children’s bike seats come in. With a quick and simple installation, you’re able to attach a stringently tested junior bike seat onto your ride, safe in the knowledge that your child is going to be comfortable and well-protected throughout the duration of the journey.

To give you some insight into the ideal kid’s bike seat for you, we’ve compiled a comparison of two of our best-selling products, their benefits and our own say on which bike seat is best.

What should I look out for?

First and foremost, bike seats for children are designed with safety in mind – so it’s important that you address the criteria needed and pick the right type of seat. 

The majority of bike seats are designed for children between nine months and four years of age, though both ends of the scale need different requirements to be met. When choosing a kid’s bike seat for a younger child, you must bear in mind their ability to sit upright unsupported; if they’re unable to sit upright without assistance then you’ll need to invest in a reclining bike seat, if they’re able to sit upright on their own, a standard uptight style of bicycle seat is fine.

For older children, you’ll need to determine the right kind of seat via weight. The weight limit for a child’s bike seat is usually around 20-22kg; it’s extremely important that you don’t exceed this limit even if the seat appears sturdy, as doing so may compromise the safety features of the seat and put the child at risk.

Different types of children’s bike seat

Many products for infants (such as car seatsandpushchairs) include a whole host of size ranges and adjustable features in order to fit with growth spurts and promote longevity, and children’s bike seats are no different. 

You’ll find that there are various options available to suit the specific needs of you and your child, including: 

Front-mounted bike seats

  • Attach to the steerer tube or top tube.
  • Ideal for toddlers and children up to five years old.

Rear-mounted cantilevered bike seats

  • Mount to the bike’s seat tube.
  • Suitable for children aged nine months and over.

Rear seat and stay tube mounted bike seats

  • Attach to both the seat tube and seat stays.
  • Recommended for kids aged nine months and older.

Rear rack mounted bike seats

  • Are secured on the top or rear of the bike rack.
  • Best for children aged nine months and over.

Product showcase

After much deliberation, we settled on two of our best-selling children’s bike seats, showcasing them with a rundown of product highlights and their different benefits. 

Hamax Kiss

The Hamax Kiss has two sets of criteria in its sights: simplicity and safety. It’s fair to say that this brilliant product ticks both boxes. 

The Kiss features a freely suspended fastening bracket which allows for natural springing and movement, all while safely protecting the child’s spine and keeping them comfy throughout any trip. 

What’s more, as is the case with many of Hamax’s market-leading products, the Kiss is designed to grow alongside your child. Adjustable safety straps and footrests mean that there’s plenty of room for growth while also allowing the child to be easily secured in and removed from the bike seat. 

Functions and features:

  • Ideal for children above nine months of age and up to 22kg in weight
  • Fits round frame tubes between 28-40mm
  • Can be fitted to bikes with or without luggage carriers
  • Flexible belt buckle system with super safe, childproof belt buckles
  • Adjustable safety harness and footrests
  • Ergonomic seat design that’s safe and simple to fit
  • Easy to attach and remove from the bicycle
  • Features a suspended fastening bracket for excellent comfort and safety

Hamax Smiley

The Hamax Smiley is our second showcase product, and similarly to the Kiss, it focuses on making safety and simplicity its standout features. 

The Smiley also features a nifty freely suspended fastening bracket that allows for natural springing and the utmost level of protection, though unlike the former, the Smiley also includes an additional chest buckle for added safety and comfort.

Not only is this buckle safe and secure, but it also allows for one-handed operation, ideal for effortlessly clipping your child in and out of the bike seat while also having to hold the likes of bags, water bottles and bike helmets.

Functions and features:

  • Suitable for children aged over nine months and weighing up to 22kg
  • Fits rounded frame tubes between 28-40mm
  • A three-point safety harness with extra chest bracket keeps the child safe and secure
  • Childproof safety belt buckles
  • An ergonomically designed seat that’s safe and simple to fit
  • Can be fitted to bikes with or without luggage carriers
  • Features adjustable a fully adjustable harness and footrests
  • The freely suspended bar gives excellent cushioning and protection 
  • Lockable bracket
  • Can be easily attached to and removed from the bicycle frame

Our choice

Though both child bike seats are undoubtedly brilliant, it’s the Hamax Smiley that gets the nod ahead of the Kiss from us. 

Our reasoning? The simple inclusion of those extra little safety features. Both products are market-leading, sure, but the Smiley’s additional chest buckle and one-handed operation give it that added safety, security and comfort, helping it just pip the Hamax Kiss to the post. 

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